General (2)

What is a high res photo?

High Res is short for High-Resolution Photo. These photos are large, high-quality images for print. They can be enlarged for framed photos, canvas prints or even a billboard should you wish. The files are typically too large to email and we will supply them on either CD/DVD or provide you with a link to download the file for printing.

What is a low res photo?

Low Res is short for Low-Resolution Photo.

These photos are much smaller, lower quality images for the web or email.

They are smaller files that will load quickly on your website.

We typically supply images at 1920 x 1280 px so they will fill most computer monitors, but they are still only approx 200-500kb in size.

If you have a specific size required for your website we can supply them to the exact size.

Aerial Photography (2)

Do you regularly do Aerial Photography?

Currently, I fly when I have a paid job from a client. This is to cover the cost of Hiring a Helicopter for the aerial Photos.

If you have a property you would like to have photographed, I book these jobs in around good weather.

Do you fly in a plane or helicopter?

I currently prefer to hire a helicopter due to the freedom of being able to hover and to be able to have doors open. This prevents shooting through a window and allows better framing of the shot.

Travel (1)

Do you travel to Airlie Beach?

I am more than happy to travel to Airlie Beach as it is a great location. The beaches are spectacular and the islands are just an amazing destination.

Some travel fees may apply by contacting us with your date and job details and will let you know a price.

Photography (4)

Who owns the copyright of the photos?

SGB Photography owns the copyright of all images captured. A Usage license can be arranged to cover your intended use.

None of my images, including those on my site, may be used without written approval, including for websites.

Do you offer printing services?

SGB Photography uses the services of professional printers to ensure the best quality product.

We can provide:

  • Prints & Enlargements
  • Metallic Prints
  • Archival Quality Canvas Prints
  • Acrylic Prints
  • Banners

If you would like a price, please send through the size and we can get you the best possible price.

I have a good camera, cant I take my own photos?

Yes you may have a good camera, and you may be able to take an ok photo, but you may not have the skill and experience to take the best photo for a business. Many companies don’t invest in professional photography and it is often obvious when you look at the images. I have spent years learning what I know, in order to better service your business.

Do you shoot with film or a digital camera?

I prefer Canon DSLR cameras and have a variety of Canon Lens to suit.