Aerial Photography Mackay

SGB Photography provides high-quality Aerial Photography in Mackay and the surrounding areas.

What is Aerial Photography?

Aerial - Mackay AirportAerial Photography is simply a photo that is photographed from an elevated position. Usually, when people talk about Aerial Photography it refers to photos that have been captured from either a helicopter or a fixed-wing plane.

I generally prefer to photograph from a helicopter as it allows more flexibility in that we can hover around the subject, and often the photo-shoot is a lot quicker. Helicopters are more expensive per hour to hire, but as the time required is less, the total price is usually not significantly more costly.

Depending on where the subject is, we can often come in lower to allow for a close-up shot and therefore result in more detail to capture the shot.

What sort of projects are good for Aerial Photos?

We have photographed a variety of different projects and is great for:

  • Real Estate Photography – Great for large properties, or show prime locations.
  • Commercial Business Properties – Great for Promo Brochures, Office Artwork or Capability demos.
  • Construction Projects – Great for preliminary research, progress reports and finish project reports.
  • Annual Reports – Great for annual report covers and artwork.
  • Subdivision Development – Great to show proximity to surrounding facilities such as schools, shops or beaches.

What options do we offer for Aerial Photography?

We shoot Aerial Photography from either a helicopter or from a Drone or UAV depending on the location. We can generally get permission to fly the Helicopter in any location. We fly our Drone under CASA AC 101-10 Remotely piloted aircraft systems – operation of excluded RPA and fully insured. This means we cannot fly within 5.5km of Airports.

What is the Process?

  1. Once you decide you would like to get a project or property photographed, Contact us to talk about your project.
  2. If you need to come with us to direct the photo-shoot, a larger helicopter can be hired, but due to CASA Regulations, only required persons are allowed for Airworks. This means we cant take 3 managers just because they want a helicopter flight.
  3. We can arrange a suitable time for both you and the helicopter pilot and book the shoot.
  4. We fly the specified time and shoot your project.
  5. Once the photo-shoot is complete, we will process the images and supply you with the final images.

Aerial Photography Mackay - Helicopter

We would like to make a booking for Aerial Photography Mackay.

It doesn’t matter if you have a single property to shoot, or if you need a sub-division photographed, we can supply all your Aerial Photography needs.

We find we get the best results when shooting from a helicopter as we have more flexibility with hovering and can usually do a few passes around the property to ensure we get the best angle. Some locations we can fly our Drone to provide a different point of view.

So contact us to discuss your Aerial Photography needs.