Excavator - Mining Photography

SGB Photography is more than happy to travel to the mines to provide professional mining photography.

We can photograph earth moving equipment, prep plants, vehicles or anything else you can think of for your business reports or marketing material.

Scott, our photographer, has an engineering background so he has visited many of the mines in the Bowen Basin.

No Project too big or too small

We can capture any project or equipment you need to be photographed. We can do a site visit for a single piece of equipment, or a full documentation of all mining equipment on site. Our photographer can spend as much time on site as you need to capture any equipment.

High-Quality Mining Photography

Our high-resolution images are great for annual reports, marketing brochures, and training manuals. Any application you can think of our images are useful for showcasing your company.

Safety is Important

Our photographer is experienced with the safety requirements of construction and industrial work sites and complies with all safety directions on site.

Safety Equipment - Mining

We have the following safety requirements:

  • Blue Card Induction
  • Wear High Viz, long sleeve shirt when directed
  • Safety Glasses
  • Steel Cap Boots
  • Hard Hat

If you have any mining photography needs, please contact us.