SGB Photography provide businesses a high quality Virtual Tour to provide clients and potential customers a look at your facilities from your website or Facebook page.

Panorama Virtual Tour

What is a Virtual Tour?

Our virtual tours utilise 360 degree panoramic photography to capture your facilities and presents it in a full screen virtual tour that will allow viewers to look around and see what you have to offer.

There are known by many names such as VR Tour, Virtual Reality Tour, 360 degree Panorama, 360 degree photos and many other names but regardless of what you call them, they can be very handy to your business.

How will my Photo Tour Look?

We will customise the tour to suit your business and there are a number of options available:

  • Logo overlays
  • Photo Gallery
  • Details in Text Box
  • Location Map

When it comes to putting the tour on your website, you have a few options

Tour Option 1

Embed in Website.

Tour Option 2

Link to Tour from your website.

Click to see Virtual Tour

Who is a Virtual Tour for?

A VR Tour can help just about any business including the following:

  • Hotel & Motel Tour – Showcase Rooms, Pool & Gym facilities.
  • Function Venues Tour – Display room layouts & decorations.
  • Real Estate Tour – Allow buyers to look around rooms.
  • Restaurant Tour – Diners can see your restaurants atmosphere.
  • College or School Tour – Prospect parents can look at where they will send their children.
  • Church Tour – People new to town and looking for a church.

A 360 Panoramic Virtual Tour will help your business to reach more potential customers and convert them into visitors. Having a VR Tour can help provide confidence and peace of mind that just static photos alone can not provide.

How do I get a Panoramic Virtual Tour?

If you would like to get a Virtual Tour for your Business or organisation, please contact us today.